Drive an F1 at the Spanish Grand Prix Circuit

The Circuit De Catalunya just outside Barcelona is the well established home of the Spanish Grand Prix and has been host to some fantastic races over the years. The National Circuit comprises 80% of the full Grand Prix lap and the location benefits from excellent weather conditions with the track offering a challenging mix of twisty sections, fast sweeping bends and long straights. The cars streak past the pits virtually flat out with that incredible sound that only F1 cars can make! You can also choose to drive either a V8 F1 car, a V10 or for the ultimate experience – why not do both back to back on the same day!

You will be spending a full day at the circuit. But with a maximum of 20 drivers per day this is a very personal experience. You will not be just a number. Fitted out in your ‘head-to-toe’ race kit and following a briefing and passenger laps of the track showing the brake points and race lines; you will then take to the circuit for a  morning of Formula Renault driving with one-to-one instruction in the pits.  Capable of 0-100mph in 5 seconds these are pretty serious race cars – complete with slick tyres and wings; they are perfect to learn the track and whet your appetite for the afternoon and the F1.

Following a splendid lunch in the restaurant on the top of the main grandstand, the F1 briefing will be held with extra passenger laps to show the new F1 braking points. Then, you are strapped into ‘your’ F1 and exiting the pit lane. No lead cars to follow and no speed limits.  It’s just you, the car and the circuit. It’s an incredible feeling. F1 cars available include: Benetton, Arrows, Jaguar, Prost and Williams

Of course, as befitting a Formula One driver you will be treated in fine style throughout with accommodation in one of Barcelona’s finest 5 star hotels ideally situated on the Marina in Barcelona at the end of the famous Ramblas. With a stunning location and superb service the hotel is a fitting residence for budding F1 racers! All the attractions of this wonderful city are just a short stroll away along with a superb selection of bars, restaurants and shops.

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